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Unleash the Power of Effortless Writing with
The MAGIC Button

Use Simpler to continue text, give commands, write text in the middle, complete lists, enhance parts ….¬†

Just move the cursor and press the MAGIC button.

Scale Your Content Creation with AI

Write research plans, blog posts and much more

Distraction-Free Google Docs Style Editor

Best feature of is the distraction-free user interface. It works like any document writer. Use it to keep track of your notes, or even write full blog posts. We’ve minimised the number of buttons and functions so you can focus on what matters – writing

Let AI Continue Your Writing

When you feel stuck, or just feel like A.I. could help you a bit, that is when Simpler.AI shines. It will suggest you completion to your text.

Works virtually on any language as the model has been trained on 10% over all Internet contents.

Ask Anything

Simpler.AI is not just a smart auto-complete. Ask it anything: ideas, summaries or even drafts.

Oh, and before I forget the most important thing: we have dark mode!

Early adopters get 6 000 free credits AND free Grammarly spellchecking.

Your AI powered personal assistant

Write notes, emails, blogs, taglines, product descriptions.

Continue text

Start your text and let the A.I. continue

Ask Anything

Let A.I. to brainstorm ideas and content

Spellchecking by Grammarly

Grammarly spellchecker checks and suggests recommendations as you type

The Famous 1 Minute Setup

Getting started with Simpler is … well, simple. And, it’s quick too. It takes 1 minute to get started.

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A simple registration. Just confirm your email.

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That’s it. Just start writing and automate.

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